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GM8903 Bentech

GM8903 Bentech




BENETECH GM8903 2.6 inch LCD Screen Digital Handheld Hot Wire Wind Speed Wind Temperature Anemometer




*Measurement items: Air velocity, Air temperature ,Air Quantity
*Measurement range: 
----Air velocity: 0~30m/s
----Air temperature:0~45º C, 32~113º F (± 2º C) 
*Resolution: 0.1º C, 0.001m/s
*Max/Min Reading

Average/Current Reading

Data Hold

Backlight Display

Low Battery lndication

Manual/Auto Power Off

*Power: 6F22 9V
*Dimension: 67.5*45.8*30.2mm

GM8903 Bentech

  • Model : Digital Hot Wire Anemometer
  • Availability: In Stock