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TAS250 Tektronix (USED)
The Tektronix TAS 250 dual Channel Oscilloscope operates from DC to 50 MHz. The TAS250 features a maximum sensitivity of 1 mV/division and a maximum sweep speed of 10 ns/division. In addition, the TAS 250 offers the following features: High beam transmission and high intensity CRT displays for clear waveforms at high sweep speeds. High stability low-drift temperature compensation circuits to reduce baseline and DC balance drift. A trigger feature, Set to 50%, that eliminates triggering adjustments when displaying regular, video, and large duty-cycle-ratio signals. Synchronization separator and trigger circuitry that permits the display of TV signals. Automatic focus (following an initial intensity adjustment).
Bandwidth: 50MHz. 
Dual channel. 
Main sweep range 0.5s/div to 0.1 ┬Ás/div. 
CRT cursors and readouts. 
Single time base. 
Rise time <7ns.

TAS250 Tektronix (USED)

  • Model : 50MHZ Oscilloscope 2 Channel
  • Availability: Out Of Stock



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